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MISC Inquiry Colby Background

I was working on a story (yes, I know when DOESN'T that happen), but this one actually had a goal (its for paranoid_woman 's birthday--yes I realize that was a while ago--I'm a tad behind)...and some issues came up...if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the following'd be greatly appreciated.

On a personal note (before the questions)...I get my computer/internet back on Tuesday so YIPPEE...I'll be back then!

1. We know Colby's dad died when he was we have any other information about it? How did he die? What did he die of? Who found the body?

2. Do we have any idea what Colby's dad did? (I get the feeling he might have been military--do we know what branch?)

3. Obviously Colby has some, if not 4 years, of college (he was CID in the Army and I think he mentioned something about college keeping him off the front lines) and he's an FBI we know what he studied? Any suggestions if not?

4. Anyone else think he was ROTC in college?

5. Any other hobbies other than fly fishing? And surfing?

6. Okay he was in Hawaii, he was in Afghan...any other suggestions for where he might have been stationed?

7. And on that note, any suggestions for how many years he was in the Army?

8. Obviously he was serving in 2001/02 (he was in Afghan after all)--but did he go straight from high school into the Army or did he do college first?

9. What year did he join the FBI and a timeline for Army/FBI sorta thing?

10. Lastly what age are we going on for Colby? I've always gone with him being the same age as Dylan--just cuz well, that's easiest, but ya know...any suggestions?

So I think that's it or at least that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll get answers on Tuesday when I get to work or when my computer gets hooked up. My plan--depends on three things--is to post the beginning of the story Tuesday night (the three things being: me getting one scene finished, me being able to get the story OFF my jump drive to my computer, and paranoid_woman being willing to share [I can't see her not sharing]).

Adios for now, mi amigos! (yes I'm in a strange mood!)
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