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Save Colby!
because we want to lick him
Welcome to savecolby, a community dedicated to the incredible Colby Granger of the hit CBS show Numb3rs. We're looking for your fan fiction, fan vids, and fan art about Colbs - from Idaho to Afghanistan to Los Angeles, from Army Special Forces to CID to the FBI, from your TV to your computer to your heart.

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NV and Candi
10th-Sep-2015 08:48 am - FIC REQUEST: Colby/Liz, post-series
"Good guy, bad idea" is what Liz thinks, but she never could resist that, anyway. Colby, meanwhile, has to convince her the thing they're starting together really is a good idea. All jumbled up with murder and math and a case.
10th-Sep-2015 08:42 am - FIC REQUEST: Colby in "Ultimatum"
Colby got held hostage by a colleague, and I'd just enjoy reading what was going on inside his head during all that. I mean, in a canon-compliant sense. For that matter, how everyone else is (internally) dealing with Edgerton taking Colby hostage would be interesting, too.
Colby Nikki Playful Shove
Hello savecolby. A quick note from your mod to wish you all a Happy Dylan's birthday. I'm sure by now you are all keeping up with him on Twitter (which is more than I can do - I really can't deal with Twitter. LOL.) And I hope he's having a lovely birthday with family and friends and fun.

To spread some love back around LJ, inspired by Dylan's birthday, I'm going to recommend you all go play in the Numb3rs 10th Anniversary Fandom Appreciation & Rec Meme hosted by spikedluv over at numb3rsfanrecs. Share the Numb3rs love, and enjoy a walk down memory lane. :)

21st-Jul-2015 06:30 pm - Fic Request: Colby Whump
Hey everyone, so my main reason for this request is that I need a little bit of cheering up. Three out of five of our new kittens just died in a very bizarre accident in a barn just recently.

So if anyone could write a Colby whump fic(gen) for me that would be swell(*snort* a rather strange way cheering myself up, lol).

Prompts: anything from him getting shot, held hostage, tortured, Ian actually hurting him in Ultimatum, kidnapped by the Chinese...etc, etc.
1st-Jan-2015 05:55 pm - Friendship
Title: Friendship
Pairing/Characters: Colby, mention of the David, Don
Rating/Category: G
Word Count: 185
Spoilers: Janus List, Velocity

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2nd-Dec-2014 10:26 pm - Thanks
Title: Thanks
Pairing/Characters: The whole team
Rating/Category: G
Word Count: 102
Spoilers: The entire Numb3rs show ;-)
Prompt #500 Thanks

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19th-Nov-2014 09:49 pm - The Point
Title: The Point
Pairing/Characters: Colby, David
Rating/Category: G
Word Count: 135
Spoilers: None
Prompt #495 Point

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20th-Aug-2014 10:08 pm - Serve and Obey (#486 Obey)
Title: Serve and Obey
Author: ladygray99
Rating: G
Prompt: #486 Obey
Characters/Pairings: Colby
Word count: 100
Summary: Colby was born to obey.
Notes: Written for numb3rs100.

(Serve and Obey (#486 Obey))
Colby Granger Superhero
Hi all.

I meant to post about this earlier, and most of you probably already read this on his Twitter, but Dylan will be in the new Taken movie due for release around January 2015.

He was also on a recent episode of Major Crimes. It was my mom who told me the episode already aired and apparently he looked really great. To quote my mom "YUMMY!" (Kid you not, ya'll. I clearly get my good taste honestly. It's genetic. LOL.)

If anyone else saw the episode, ring in... maybe share some caps?

You can always get updates from the Real Dylan Bruno on Twitter: @dylanbruno12.
11th-Aug-2014 07:13 pm - Dylan Bruno is in top 5000
Check out the imdb site, this week Dylan is in Top 5000! Congrats!!

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